Fair Report 2010

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This week is our county fair.  A few years ago I started entering the fair.  It's not something we ever did in our family growing up.  We rarely even attended the fair when I was growing up.  

The local quilt guild is very involved with the fair.  It's hard to be a member and not get involved with setting things up or helping out in some way.  It's a slippery slope from there to entering as well. 

This year instead of my usual one food entry, I went for four.  When you look around the entries you see that four is pretty pitiful.  These people enter a lot!  But life is busy and I'm not exactly a ribbon hound so four seemed like quite a bit to me.

Saturday we went down because I had entered the cheesecake contest, and for that you had to present your cheesecake at the appointed time during the fair.  This was a new one for me.  I've only previously entered things that are dropped off before the fair even begins and you find out how everything went once the fair opens.  I arrived with cheesecake in hand along with cutting utensils and paper plates (thanks to my husband because I totally forgot about them) as directed.  I was sent to the ominous cutting room where I had to serve up half the cheesecake on one plate and a slice on another.  Took me 35 seconds.  Ok, maybe not quite that fast, but fast.  The other lady in there with me was carefully arranging her garnish and had two slices cut and arranged differently on their plates and was trying to decide which arrangement looked best.

I was totally out of my league.  

I turned in my entry and my husband and I took a look around the room.

First we saw this:
That would be my whole wheat seeded bread with a first place ribbon!

And next we found this:

fair marmalade.jpg
This would be a first place next to that lemon marmalade.  

And after a bit of hunting we also found these:

Yippee!  Another first for the cheddar bacon scones.

The best part was during the cheesecake judging.  One of the preserves judges approached me and returned my marmalade taster jar.  She complimented me on my jam and said that so much was gone because my jam was in contention for best of show and it took a few rounds of tasting.  I'm such the clueless one that winning anything other than my category had never even occurred to me. Too exciting to think of my jam up against all those other winning entries.

Back to the cheesecake.  Can I just say that I clearly do not understand open judging?  We all dutifully sat in our seats in front of the stage.  The judges went to work and we watched.  That was it.  They said nothing out loud.  In fact, for some conversations they covered their faces with their clipboards like they were NFL coaches and we'd lip read their plays.  They did not tell us what they were looking for or anything.  There was zero education here.  What exactly is the point of this?  If you know, clue me in, OK?

There is immediate gratification though.  They do announce the winners then and there, and I got 5th which made me pretty darn happy especially since my lemon swirl cheesecake was completely garnish free.

-- marcella

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Yee haw! Definitely look yummy. *drool*

Your food looks like it should all have blue ribbons. Yummy!
Good job. I usually figure a fussy garnish is trying to make
up for something else that is lacking. I wish we could taste
test if for you!

Great job! You did well with some of your goodies. I hope you add the recipes for all of these masterpieces in another post.

Thanks! Now I need to plot what to do for next year. Hard to top this one!

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