Baby Quilt

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I've been busy here quilting away, so there hasn't been much time for posting.

A friend was having a baby shower and I decided that rather than the usual receiving blanket, an actual quilt was in order.  It's true, I'm a quilter who almost never gives out baby quilts.  I can only think of seven.

Why?  Well, when I give a quilt I like it to be used.  Not hung on a wall or shoved in a drawer for "when they are grown up".  What adult wants an old baby quilt that they never used and have no attachment to?  Nope.  Also, the amount of work that goes into one is pretty huge so the person has to really rate to get a quilt.

Sadly, my poorly functioning brain did not think about giving a quilt to this friend weeks ago when I received the invitation.  Nope, I had to wait until a week before the shower to think, "Hey, I should make a quilt." 

Into the closet of unfinished projects I went.  Fortunately, the perfect top was there.  It was a tumbling block variation made with an old Moda fabric collection called Faded Memories.  Lots of perfect for baby pastels.  It was also a good size as I am not a fan of the 30" square baby quilt.  I like them big.  Big enough to wrap up in, play on top of, or build a fort with.  Conveniently enough there were lots of scraps left in the bag; more than enough to piece a scrappy back, and 1/2 yard of a stripe that I had set aside for a binding.  So glad my brain was working at one point!

Here's the happy finished quilt.  I only had one bad spot when in the midst of quilting happily away on the white diamonds my machine suddenly started spitting up loops of thread onto the back of the quilt.  Even sadder, I didn't discover it for quite a while.  When I had to change the bobbin the machine rebelled and so I stopped and looked at the back only to discover half a row of thread guts.  

At that point I nearly decided to throw in the towel.  After all, the shower was the next day.  However, thread guts pull out really fast and after some fiddling with the machine I finally got it to cooperate and finished up the quilting.

Because the fabrics I used don't have enough contrast to really highlight the tumbling block pattern, I decided to quilt it differently on the sides and the top of the block to try and help the pattern show better. The "sides" of the tumbling blocks are quilted in pink thread with a walking foot following the seam lines.  Rows are stitched presser foot width apart so no marking was necessary.  The white print diamonds are simply meander quilted with white thread and I stitched from one to the next in rows so it was quick with only a start and stop once each row.

The pattern is a fairly easy one from "From Me to You" by Diane McClun and Laura Nownes called "The Big Tumble".  Their patterns are really the best.  They are beautifully printed with color diagrams and clear instructions.  So much nicer than most of the patterns on the market.

One more quilt from the unfinished pile finished and gifted to its new home!

-- marcella

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It's lovely, Marcella!

Thank you! I was really pleased with how it turned out.

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