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The local quilt guild invited Anelie Belden to come and lecture and teach a workshop on her Dresden Plate block method.  We had a nearly full room of students who turned out very different but all really gorgeous blocks.  I did mine out of scraps of batik fabrics I had hanging around.  The background is a Nancy Crow print called "Classic Crush" in navy and it is the only fabric that I buy over and over and over again.  It makes such a great background.

dresden.JPGAs you can see the center circle still needs to be added.  Before I do that I need to decide what exactly I am going to make out of this block.  I'm thinking table runner but I'm not sure. Whatever it is, it will likely be a small project so I can finish it and get back to other quilting projects that have been neglected.

One project that is finally done is my new sewing room.  Above is my design wall.  7 feet by 8 feet of flannel happiness.  The quilt on the left and the piece of a quilt on the right are from the Double Dip pattern.  It is so great to have such an excessive amount of space to arrange and rearrange quilt blocks on.

So what do you think about that green and orange for the borders?  I like just the green, and I like just the orange, but I'm not sure which I like better or if I want both.  Sometimes I wish I were a little faster at these decisions.  I might get something finished if I were.

-- marcella

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Wow! Lucky you to have such a beautiful design wall, Marcella! :) As for the borders on that quilt, what about doing some orange piping and then the green border?

I vote for a thin orange stopper with a green border. There's not much orange in the main quilt, so the orange border gives me a bit of a "huh?" feeling. But I really like what the orange-green contrast does here.

Two votes for a teeny bit of orange and mostly green. I'm off to switch things around on the wall so I can stare at it for a while.


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